Plamis is a creative workshop for the development and creation of decorative and aromatic candles from vegetable wax, located in the very heart of Ukraine – the city of Kyiv.

I am Yulia Yefimova, the founder of this workshop, who has been inspired by the uniqueness of palm wax for the last 10 years. All this time I’ve been studying the subtleties of palm candle making and their application from hands-on experience. And for the last few years I’ve been practicing the magic of creating scented candles from other vegetable waxes, including soy and coconut.

This amazing creative path began with the idea of making products that would be accessible and desirable in every home, bring aesthetic pleasure, peace of mind and internal energy, create an atmosphere of warmth and happiness…

Today, Plamis is more than just a workshop. This is a combination of personal experience, boundless love for your work and pleasure from the received result!

Our candles are exclusively handcrafted from 100% vegetable wax, taking into account the smallest details, care for the environment and the health of our customers.

We hope that Plamis candles will create an atmosphere of love and comfort in your home and become an attribute of your daily pleasure!